If you'd like to get involved, please come to an organizer meeting. These meetings are open to all members who want to help run the union and have a few hours a week to dedicate to the cause.

Additionally, we encourage attendance at our general meetings. These meetings are to ensure that our organizers are on the same page as our members, make important announcements, and hold votes.

  • Organizer Meetings: Oct. 16 & 30, Nov. 13 & 27, Dec. 11 — Norlin Commons Blue Room, 5:30pm
  • Sit-In: Oct. 21–25 — Regent Administrative Center, 10am–2pm except Friday, 10am–12pm
  • Walkout: Oct. 25 — Farrand Field, 12pm
  • General Meeting: Oct. 30 — Muenzinger Rm. E0046

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