So. How do we win a CBA?

By focusing on two things: increasing membership to gain influence at the university level and building alliances across campus with faculty, undergrads, staff members, alumni, and facility workers. The more members and allies we have, the louder our collective action will be. Collective action (strikes, sit-ins, and walk-outs) can raise the temperature and move the university toward a CBA.

Wait. You’re UGGS, right? Or UGGS-affiliated?

No! We are an independent 501c(4) non-profit organization. We value the separation we have from the finances and oversight of the university. UGGS is great for services from within the university system, but it is limited in its ability to oppose the administration of CU. The CRC’s legal independence allows us to effectively pressure the university and represent graduate workers in collective bargaining.

How do I get involved?

Become a member and come to a meeting. We’re always looking to have more voices at the table and deeply value the expertise of graduate workers across departments. Whatever you’re interested in, we need you!

Where do my dues go?

Your dues support our organizing efforts! We use the dues to pay for three primary things: 1) keeping our paperwork for our non-profit status up-to-date, 2) campus organizing (flyers, events, brochures), 3) trainings and conferences to support our volunteer graduate workers who are organizing. Donations are also welcome if you’re not a graduate worker but want to support the cause!

What happens when we get a fee waiver?

We’re fighting for a full fee remittance. This means that the graduate school—not individual departments or grants—would cover the cost of graduate student fees and that we would keep our gym and bus passes. This remittance has been recommended by the Graduate Task Force and would cost only .003% of CU Boulder’s 2018/2019 general operating budget.

What can I do to be in solidarity with the CRC if I am a faculty member or work at CU Boulder?

Stand up for graduate workers by amplifying their voices and concerns in closed-door department meetings, making it explicit to the graduate workers you employ that you stand in solidarity with unionizing efforts, and showing up to CRC actions. (We even have stickers that you can put on your laptops, buttons to put on your bags, and flyers to hang in your office doors! Contact us here if you want some!)

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