CRC Food Assistance Fund


The CRC, CU Boulder’s Graduate Labor Union, is administering a food assistance fund for the second year. Graduate students experiencing food insecurity can apply for a food stipend here. Applications will be accepted until November 1st.

The CRC food assistance fund was founded last year when a retired CU Boulder researcher read about the problem of CU graduate students skipping meals due to lack of money, and approached the CRC to administer what he characterized as a small but personally meaningful contribution to support hungry graduate students in his community. The food stipend helped support a TA who had been skipping meals so she could pack lunch for her children, and another who skips meals daily to avoid experiencing homelessless again while supporting an ailing mother and brother.

Unfortunately, these stories are not isolated. The food assistance fund received over 100 applications within a few days, so we need community help. If you are financially secure, you can support this effort by donating to our food stipend. With enough contributions, we can increase the number of stipends offered each year. A CRC food stipend is not enough — we need a living wage and adequate benefits guaranteed by a robust collective bargaining agreement — but we’re hoping that it might provide meaningful temporary relief.

Other CU Boulder resources for food insecurity are also listed here.

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