Survival Manual

This manual exists to communicate the struggles graduate workers experience and to describe a means by which we together might improve our conditions.

This manual is still under construction. Please be patient while we prepare it for small screens. In the meantime, you should be able to view the complete manual on a larger screen.

Introduction & Table of Contents


The Committee on Rights and Compensation at CU-Boulder is a group of graduate workers coming together to improve our workplace conditions. We are, that is, a labor union in the original sense of the term. We assembled this "survival manual" as a way to document a few of the struggles we are working to remedy, provide guidance about how to survive life as a graduate worker at CU, and help introduce our case for a legally binding collective bargaining agreement.

This document is very much a work in progress; we are aware of some problems with it (such as charts displaying poorly on smart phones) and we eagerly encourage help improving it. Does it seem like something is missing? A refrain in this manual is "you are not alone" -- your additions will be appreciated by others. Always feel free to drop us a line at

Together we will make CU a better university!

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