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Late payment is a major problem for CU graduate workers, since we face high rent and low wages, and we are aware of several cases when pay was weeks and months late.

The CRC, CU’s graduate labor union, has therefore developed a web application that we hope will streamline the legal process of demanding your overdue wages with the legal teeth of monetary penalties payable to you. The new app is developed in consultation with a well-respected Colorado labor attorney who has helped our members get thousands of dollars of back pay.

Any University of Colorado employee can fill out the form, located at, which the application formats into a demand for payment of wages. Upon reviewing and approving the generated PDF document, the application will submit the demand to CU payroll via email (CCing you and the CRC). Submitting a demand for payment of wages initiates a 14-day deadline for the employer to pay your overdue balance in full before risking penalties of up to 125% of the overdue balance. Because of this 14-day grace period, you should NOT wait to submit a demand for payment of wages.

The best way to prevent wage theft and other workplace injustices is to build worker solidarity, and to demonstrate the power we have by standing together. If you are a graduate student at CU, please join the CRC.

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If you would prefer to speak with a CRC organizer before filing your demand for payment of wages, feel free to get in touch at

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