Graduate School Survival Guide

CRC zine, Fall 2018

The Graduate School Survival Guide is CRC's first zine! We wanted to put together a pragmatic, engaging, and fun guide to incoming and current graduate students on navigating the opportunities and challenges of graduate school and Boulder. We want it to be a feast for the mind and heart. The zine contains information about:

  • Work and School: the issues of working and living in a high-cost area; how the university classifies graduate workers; available resources and where to seek advice when you encounter different graduate school problems; etc.
  • Housing: Boulder-area housing costs and ordinances; highlights of Colorado tenants' rights; low-cost and legal resources for housing; CRC's efforts at addressing the affordable housing problem; etc.
  • Health: where to go for different health situations; benefits that are and are not covered by the Gold Health Insurance Plan; resources outside the university healthcare system; etc.
  • Avoiding the Burnout: advice and real talk from current graduate students and Boulder residents.

We would like to make more zines. So email us at with your feedback and suggestions for future zine ideas and topics! Or better yet, help us make one!

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